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Difficulties that arise in relationships can quite often be talked through without the support of a professional but there are times when having someone reflect on the emotions and patterns of communication in the relationship can help bring clarity to where some issues may be.


Like with one-to-one counselling, the aim is to understand how individuals bring their own set of cultures and beliefs into the relationship and how this can impact on relating to the other. My role is to help facilitate change that works best for all parties in the relationship.


Some of the most common relationship issues that people come to see me about include:

* Struggles to communicate and lack of understanding of the other

* Life transitions

* Illness

* Loss

* Trust

* Divorce

* Stress

* Parenting styles

* Wider family difficulties

… and many more

Relationship counselling is tailored to the needs of the relationship, which means there is flexibility around the amount and frequency of sessions. These are discussed with the individuals in the relationship upon initial consultation.

Please feel free to contact me via the form below, email or phone to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

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